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Communication For Change Management: Mastering Communication To Architect Change


Are you familiar with any of the statements below:“I was baffled about the changes in my company.”“Management fail to communicate the reason for the change.” “I offered my feedback, but my manager did not take me seriously.”“I heard about the changes via the grave vine.”“I have problems communicating with my team.”“My employees are not buying into the changes.”Sadly, when companies promote people into a management position and do not provide the necessary training, they end up with a host of bosses who have significant problems communicating with their team. From my research, 60% of new managers underperform in their first two years resulting in increased performance gaps, an uninspired workforce and a significantly high rate of employee turnover. Many managers and leaders have a significant problem communicating effectively with their team, and as a result, their team suffers, and their organization becomes a very toxic place to work. Change is hard for many people, and quite frankly people don’t like change. As the leader, you must understand the crucial role communication plays in your organization especially during a change because it will determine if your change is a success or a complete failure. This book will help all leaders (existing, new and upcoming) understand why communicating the “why” of the change is so essential, the various communication channels one can use to deliver their message, how to segment their communication and many, many more. This book will help any leader from any sector create an excellent organization, and in the process help all leaders become great communicators.

Conducting Authentic Historical Inquiry: Engaging Learners with SOURCES and Emerging Technologies


Engaging students with primary sources fosters inquiry, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning skills, all of which are vitally important to success in school and beyond. Simply inserting primary sources into the classroom is not enough. This resource uses the best of emerging Internet applications (Web 2.0) to capture the interest of today’s students who have grown up using diverse technologies and multiple applications such as podcasts, social networks, social bookmarks, digital curation, and blogs. Readers will learn about the SOURCES Framework, an innovative approach for scaffolding inquiry-rich social studies instructional practices. Filled with multiple classroom-ready examples that seamlessly integrate Web 2.0 applications, the authors provide readers with the tools and confidence to create instructional opportunities to engage learners in authentic historical inquiry. The goal is to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to think critically, engage with sources, and create authentic, evidence-based narratives. Book Features: Offers effective and engaging methods for teaching with primary and secondary sources while seamlessly integrating emerging technologies. Fosters critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning skills while allowing instructors an opportunity to personalize learning environments. Provides students with opportunities to authentically construct historical narratives, replicating methods utilized by historians. Introduces an innovative framework for teaching with primary and secondary sources. Includes web links to make it easy for the reader to see examples and resources and video walk-throughs related to many of the Web 2.0 tools.

Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate For Success in Business and Life


Do you want to learn how to make your collaboration efforts more productive?Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate for Success in Business and Life is a leadership book about the number one key to organizational effectiveness: getting along with people. When we take the time to learn about each other, it’s much easier to work together. Barry Moline is a long time CEO with a successful history of bringing people together quickly and effectively to accomplish important goals. He’s written a practical guide full of dozens of fresh ideas readers can use immediately to help everyone quickly collaborate. Connect! also includes fourteen compelling individual, organizational and business case studies that illustrate how readers can apply these transformative communication concepts to their specific situations.*Barry Moline is an expert on CONNECT!ng in life and in the workplace.*He brings 25 years’ experience and 4 years of research invested in CONNECT! with real life stories to emphasize his training.*CONNECT! presents the critical thinking on team building – especially during difficult situations.*Want to be a change leader?  Experts are recommending Connect!CONNECT! by is being embraced by experts as applicable to leaders who are guiding their team to accomplish great things. The principles in CONNECT! are multipliable across many different venues such as the Fortune 500, a large regional company, a government task force, or a fast-growing local company.  This communication book for leaders is applicable for non-profits, entrepreneurs with small teams, outsourced contract working teams, and internet-based workforces. What they all have in common is the need for a teamwork resource.  Most tasks, at some point need a collaborative effort.  This is the information source, the communication how-to, to get you across the finish line.Barry Moline is not a college professor.  He’s learned his business skills in the school of hard knocks as a CEO for 25 years.  After seeing a resource gap, he spent 4 years of research, putting on paper his connection expertise and collaborating with other experts to best bring his points to life in CONNECT!  He is a recognized workplace leadership and management expert, and a professional speaker who excels at effective communication.CONNECT! is about meeting a team where they are emotionally, building rapport and leading that team through the real-life struggles that we all face. It’s about building relationships inside the team that cause the sum to be greater than all the parts.CONNECT! helps every small group leader create trust and build real team spirit.1.      Create a spirit of comraderie.2.      Onboard new employees effectively.3.      Enjoy going to meetings because you appreciate the people you work with.4.      Raise the level of expectation and excitement in every working group.Do you want to become a better small group leader?  CONNECT! is a wonderful mentor tool and valuable resource.  Read and re-read. Easily learnable and duplicatable to your other team leaders.”Insightful and practical – Connect! clearly shows how you can act immediately to cultivate better relationships in your work and in society.”-John Bowes, Ed.D., School Superintendent 

Contaminants in Drinking and Wastewater Sources: Challenges and Reigning Technologies (Springer Transactions in Civil…


This volume takes a multidisciplinary approach to study and evaluate the global human vulnerability to the exposure of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in the natural environment. It provides a comprehensive resource on structurally diverse groups of chemical compounds that have adverse effects on the aquatic environment. It explores the global strength, environmental status, chemical risk assessment and management strategies of CECs with relevant modern techniques. The principle focus is on concurrent emerging water quality issues. It defines the impacts of the environmental exposure of trace concentrations of CECs and/or their metabolites and discusses possible technological advances to combat the emerging pollutants. It will be useful to researchers, multi-stakeholder expert groups, policymakers, and graduate students.

Continuous Flow Reactors: From an Emerging Tool to a Mainstream Technology (Green Chemistry Series)


From the perspective of a synthetic organic chemist, this book looks at the advantages and challenges associated with the development of continuous flow processes for both reactions and downstream processing. With rapid growth in interest within the field of continuous flow reactions, this book provides readers with a one-stop resource on new trends and techniques. Where possible, industrial examples of the technologies implementation is also given. This book is of interest to practising chemists and researchers as well as graduate students new to this field.

Convergence of ICT and Smart Devices for Emerging Applications (EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing)


This book focuses on recent topics related to the convergence of information and communication technologies (ICT) and computing with smart devices. Domain areas of application include social, industrial, business development, and day to day life aspects. This book presents chapters related to the aforementioned topics including case studies showcasing future technological trends and challenges. Topics social inclusion solutions and social changes; smart devices and applications for day to day life; smart IoT and applications; and smart cities solutions. The book is applicable to researchers, students, professionals, and professors in a wide range of fields.Focuses on recent developments in ICT and smart devices that pose a clear benefit for users;Presents applications of ICT in education, health, electronics, communication, networking, computing, tourism, transportation;Appeals to researchers, academics, and professionals in a cross section of disciplines.

Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader (Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and…


Creating a Greater Whole unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of what aspiring managers need to become strong leaders. This information-rich, easy to understand guide offers readers an immediate clear path to honing their leadership skills using the rigor and discipline of project management principles. Topics include stakeholder management, collaborative communication, multi-criteria decision making, and conflict management. Reflective exercises in each chapter raise key questions for readers to craft their own development path. The process invites emerging leaders to draw from their past experiences, recognize their intrinsic capabilities, and identify specific skills to cultivate.

Day In, Day Out: The Secret Power in Showing Up and Doing the Work


Are you working hard, but continue to feel stuck? Does every day come with more responsibilities that make life feel like a task to be completed rather than enjoyed? In Day In, Day Out, Nick Dancer invites you to build a life on the timeless principles that have brought out the best in humankind since the beginning. Technology has changed our lives, but nothing has changed about the battle inside of us—we want a great business and life, but have been told we can do it differently. Too many quick fixes, tricks, and hacks have led us down a path of excitement to make long-term lasting changes, but time and time again they seem to fizzle out. Sharing stories from his experiences as a husband, dad, and business owner, Nick helps you see that skipping steps has never worked. He’ll help you find your way back to the basics and rediscover that doing the simple things day in and day out put you on the path to greatness in work and life.

Design and Analysis of Subgroups with Biopharmaceutical Applications (Emerging Topics in Statistics and Biostatistics)


This book provides an overview of the theories and applications on subgroups in the biopharmaceutical industry. Drawing from a range of expert perspectives in academia and industry, this collection offers an overarching dialogue about recent advances in biopharmaceutical applications, novel statistical and methodological developments, and potential future directions.The volume covers topics in subgroups in clinical trial design; subgroup identification and personalized medicine; and general issues in subgroup analyses, including regulatory ones. Included chapters present current methods, theories, and case applications in the diverse field of subgroup application and analysis. Offering timely perspectives from a range of authoritative sources, the volume is designed to have wide appeal to professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and to graduate students and researchers in academe and government.

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0


In 1993, John C. Maxwell’s now-classic work revolutionized the way leaders are made. By examining the differences between leadership styles, Maxwell outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others from any type of leadership position–including as a business executive, a church leader, a teacher, or even a parent.Now the author has returned to his best seller to include the leadership insights and practices he has learned in the decades since the book first appeared. Thoroughly revised and with two additional chapters, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 has updated these foundational principles and promises to provide for both new readers as well as longtime fans of the original book the necessary wisdom to help any leader and organization succeed in fostering integrity, self-discipline, and effecting positive change.Develop your vision. Develop your value. Develop the leader within you.



You have an amazing product. No, really. Your product is fantastic. If you didn’t believe so, you wouldn’t have invested time and money in producing and now marketing it. The problem is being able to convince other people of the same thing. That is where marketing comes in. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device Many people think that since their product is so incredible, everyone should be tying up the company’s phone lines, knocking down the doors, and flooding the inbox with demands and sales orders. But you have found the hard way that that just hasn’t happened. You have to find a new way to get the message about your product out to the people that might buy it. There are many different paths to doing this, most of which do not happen on their own and without well-planned research and goals. You need to understand the changing social norms, especially in the digital world, that affect how people obtain their information. You need to know your product inside and out so that you can clearly state what particular audience it will appeal to. And you need to be able to interact with the public in such a way that people have faith in both your product and your business. In today’s digital era, there are many challenges associated with digital marketing, and companies have to remain on the cutting edge of marketing techniques and technologies available to help them achieve their goals. After all, there are so many companies competing for people’s attention that many have learned to gloss over ads while surfing the Internet. Channels of communication are frequently clogged, and getting your product to your target audience is more difficult than ever.If you are looking for a pat on the back about how wonderful your product is, this isn’t the book for you. Go ask your mom to tell you how amazing you are. But if you want to be serious about marketing your product and achieving tangible results, then keep reading. This book will give you some of the answers that you need. Here is a preview of what you will learn… WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING THE CORRECT MINDSET FOR DIGITAL MARKETING HOW DIGITAL MARKETING IS A MONEY MACHINE WHICH PLATFORMS BEST FIT YOUR BUSINESS IN 2020 STEP BY STEP HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PAY PER CLICK

Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing


Effectively select, align and manage digital channels and operations using this second edition of the bestselling guide, Digital Marketing Strategy. This accessible, step-by-step framework enables the planning, integration and measurement of each digital platform and technique, all tailored to achieve overarching business objectives. Ranging from social media, SEO, content marketing and user experience, to customer loyalty, automation and personalization, this edition features cutting edge updates on marketing automation, messaging and email, online and offline integration, the power of technologies such as AI, plus new data protection and privacy strategies. Accompanied by downloadable templates and resources, Digital Marketing Strategy is an ideal road map for any marketer to streamline a digital marketing strategy for measurable, optimized results. Online resources include practical implementation guides spanning SEO, paid-search, email, lead-generation and more, as well as group activities, which will be regularly updated to equip readers as digital marketing continues to evolve.

Digital Marketing That Actually Works the Ultimate Guide: Discover Everything You Need to Build and Implement a Digital…


Digital Marketing That Actually Works is your roadmap to understanding and implementing digital marketing that gets results. This book takes you from digital marketing strategy to channels to tactics to tools to measurement to prioritization – giving you a strong foundation in how to use digital marketing to grow your business, brand or organization. This book is for business professionals and marketers who want a strong grasp of the core concepts in digital marketing – what they are, how they work and how to implement them for growth. Covering strategy, best practices and implementation, this is The Ultimate Guide with no hype – just solid strategies, tactics and tools that actually work. Who can benefit from this book? – MARKETERS AND AGENCIES – Wanting to implement digital marketing best practices and round out their digital knowledge. – CEOS AND EXECUTIVES – Needing a solid understanding of how to strategically use digital to fuel their growth. – ENTREPRENEURS AND STARTUPS – Wanting to harness the power of digital marketing to grow their business. – BRAND MANAGERS – Needing to understand how to best use digital marketing strategically and drive better results. – AGENCIES – Wanting to provide lasting value for their clients with a comprehensive approach to digital. – BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS – Wanting to have a solid understanding of the fastest growing area of marketing and business growth. – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION TEAMS – Looking to be sure that core areas of digital are used strategically to fuel business growth. This book covers the core aspects of digital marketing: – How to build a plan – Creating a digital marketing strategy – Assessing the digital landscape – Defining your target audience for digital – Digital content strategy and optimization – Social Media Marketing – Digital Advertising – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Websites – Conversational marketing (reviews, influencers, advocates and more) – Email marketing – CRM – Mobile marketing (including Messenger and Chatbots) – Digital marketing measurement – Digital marketing analytics and optimization – Digital ROI (return on investment) – Prioritizing digital marketing – Building your digital marketing plan. If you want to take your digital marketing knowledge and results to the next level read this book! Based on over 10 years of working with businesses on digital marketing, Digital Marketing that Actually Works is a comprehensive guide to everything a savvy business professional or marketer should understand about digital marketing. There is no hype. No gimmicks. Just clear, practical, actionable content based on what actually works to grow businesses. As a BONUS this book includes a FREE DOWNLOAD action planner and additional resources to help you implement what you learn.

Digital Sense: The Common Sense Approach to Effectively Blending Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technology, and…


Compete in the digital world with pragmatic strategies for success Digital Sense provides a complete playbook for organizations seeking a more engaged customer experience strategy. By reorganizing sales and marketing to compete in today’s digital-first, omni-channel environment, you gain newfound talent and knowledge from the resources already at hand. This book provides two pragmatic frameworks for implementing and customizing a new marketing operating system at any size organization, with step-by-step roadmaps for optimizing your customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. The Experience Marketing Framework and the Social Business Strategy Framework break down proven methods for exceeding the expectations customers form throughout the entirety of the buying journey. Customizable for any industry, sector, or scale, these frameworks can help your organization leap to the front of the line. The evolution of marketing and sales demands a revolution in business strategy, but realizing the irrelevance of traditional methods doesn’t necessarily mean knowing what comes next. This book shows you how to compete in today’s market, with real-world frameworks for implementation. Optimize competitive advantage and customer experience Map strategy back to business objectives Engage customers with a pragmatic, proven marketing system Reorganize sales and marketing to fill talent and knowledge gaps Today’s customer is savvy, with more options than ever before. It’s critical to meet them where they are, and engagement is the cornerstone of any cohesive, effective strategy. The technological revolution has opened many doors for marketing and sales, but the key is knowing what lies behind each one―what works for your competitor may not be right for you. Digital Sense cuts through the crosstalk and confusion to give you a solid strategy for success.

Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation


Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation delivers practical solutions for enterprises operating in today’s fast-paced business environment. This book is for any businessperson who either wishes to stay relevant amid the rapid pace of technology innovation or wants to be a digital disrupter. If you’re in business today, you probably use digital technology to run your day-to-day operations. But if you don’t have a digital strategy, you’re at risk of losing out to your competitors by either failing to recognize the potential tools available or wasting resources while trying to prepare for digital disruption. This accessible book guides you through the steps of understanding what a digital strategy is; realizing how it can serve your business objectives; creating, implementing, and maintaining your digital strategy; and ultimately discovering how your strategy can help you innovate. Learn to manage your risks and opportunities, outperform the competition, and even shake up your industry with Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation.