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Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management


It is often claimed that 70% of organizational change efforts fail, despite the popularity of linear change models, such as Kotter’s 8-step model. The reason few change efforts succeed as intended is because they are based on two implicit assumptions: that the leader or leadership team will come up with a vision and then succeed in persuading the rest of the organization to follow, and that people will happily embrace change without being afforded the opportunity to make their own meaning of that change.Leading Change offers an alternative.  It provides a framework for change that opens opportunities for people within the organization to play a significant role in the process.  Supported by academic research, and grounded with a range of examples and cases, the book offers a valuable approach to successful change management.

Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance


Inspire Employees and Improve Performance with Supportive Accountability LeadershipTMSome leaders are too harsh. Some are too lenient. Others are completely disengaged from employee performance management. Striking a delicate balance between supportive leadership and accountability is the key to ensuring employees are as effective and productive as possible.Sylvia Melena is the architect of the Supportive Accountability Leadership ModelTM, a simple but powerful framework that helps leaders create an engaging work environment while promoting accountability and improving performance.Supportive Accountability is perfect for new and emerging managers and supervisors and those seeking a refresher or struggling with employee performance.Through a mix of stories, actionable tips, and tools, you’ll learn how to:Master the art of supportive leadershipInspire employees to advance your organization’s visionMonitor performance and customer service efficientlyLead effective performance improvement conversationsPinpoint critical support factors to unleash performanceWield the power of employee recognitionBoost performance through progressive disciplineDocument skillfullyFree Performance Documentation ToolkitYou’ll also receive a free copy of the Performance Documentation Toolkit to help you ease the burden of employee performance documentation.If you want a highly complex book, this one is not for you. Supportive Accountability is simple, practical, and actionable. It’s supported by decades of peer-reviewed international research but tested in the trenches of management. It’s written for new leaders and loved by seasoned executives who want to focus their leadership teams on achieving performance management excellence.The book has sold thousands of copies in five continents and has been used to develop leaders in university and workplace settings.Recipient of the International Latino Book Award’s Honorable Mention Medal for Best Business BookFinalist for the FOREWORD Indies Book of the Year Award in Business & EconomicsWinner of the San Diego Book Award for Best Published Business

Visualization for Success: 75 Psychological Empowerment Exercises to Get What You Want in Life


Visualize your goals and manifest success―a scientific approachVisualization is a simple, clinically proven practice that involves actively imagining the desired outcome of a goal to keep you on the path to achieving it. Visualization for Success can help you make positive changes in your life by guiding you through 75 psychology-based visualization exercises that put achievement at the forefront of your mind.When you maintain a clear image of what you want, your feelings and behavior follow suit, changing your mindset to a healthy and productive one. Make this a habit with energizing and clarifying activities for letting go of past troubles, healing heartache, getting organized, and improving your future.Visualization for Success features: The perfect starting point―These exercises are simple enough for anyone to do, and most only take about 15 minutes. A two-pronged approach―Begin with the basics on how visualization works, then learn to apply it, with exercises for relationships, goals, and cultivating positivity. The four stages of visualization―Learn to identify your objective, affirm your desire, picture your success, and release your fears and doubts. Empower yourself by visualizing your goals and bringing them to life.